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Introducing… New Matter Design Projects

We recently unveiled an exciting addition to the New Matter store: design projects! Using an assortment of hardware (conveniently listed in the PDF instructions) and our free designs, you can build exciting, dynamic creations. To start, we’ve released two of our favorite designs, the Dragster and the Ping Pong Ball Launcher. The Dragster is an awesome pull-back car that can often be found shooting across New Matter desks and the Ping Pong Ball Launcher is… exactly what you’d think it is. We brought both designs to CES in January. People loved our Dragster and the Launcher was a hit! (Pun intended.) Now, it’s time for you to start…

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Great 3D Printing Projects for Rain or Snow Days

Whether the weather is snowy or rainy, sometimes it can keep you inside and bored. Entertain yourself, or your kids, with these awesome projects using your MOD-t! Bulk Up Your Brain with a Puzzle The New Matter Store has no shortage of puzzles to play with. From the simple, sliding Quatris Puzzle to the brain-bending bridges of the Arch Puzzle – the design library has you covered. New Matter’s puzzles range in difficulty and age-appropriateness, so little ones can play, too. Keep children busy with Stackabricks, Skeletangrams, or the Jigsaw Fish and Cow! The Arch Puzzle pieces tend to be an overnight print,…

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13 Prints to Surprise Your Sweetie

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Up your gifting game using the MOD-t and the New Matter Store. From multi-piece projects to quick prints (for the Cupid on a time-crunch), the New Matter Store is full of designs for your darling. Whether you’re looking to surprise a significant other, family member, or friend, here are 13 store designs for your sweetie. 1. Saladin Earrings (3DShook, $1.00) With simple earring hooks, you can turn this affordable print into a pair of bold, stylish earrings for the leading lady in your life. 2. Box With Hinge (William Moore, $2.99) Stash chocolate, jewelry, or any other small Valentine’s…

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12 Essential Designs for the Home

One of the great benefits of owning a 3D printer is the convenience of printing household necessities with the push of a button. You can organize your things, decorate your home, and personalize any space using 3D-printed goods. The New Matter Store contains all kinds of designs for the home, school, and office. These are the 12 essential New Matter Store designs every 3D printer should print for the home. 1. Belt Hanger (New Matter Design Team – free) Slip belts into this hanging organizer to avoid nests of tangled leather and messy drawers of belts. 2. Coasters (New Matter Design Team, Tatyana Bulgakova, Tosh, and…

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