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Product Update: A-Z Sorting In The New Matter Store Library

One of our most requested New Matter Store features is here! A-Z sorting allows you to quickly alphabetize the files in your design library so that they can be better organized and easier to access. To sort your library files, navigate to the library section of the New Matter Store and click the links pictured below to alphabetize and sort your designs. In addition to sorting your files alphabetically, you can also choose to display your files in either grid view or list view.   Share This:

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New Matter Earns the PTPA Seal of Approval

We have some very exciting news! The MOD-t recently earned a Seal of Approval from Parent Tested Parent Approved, or PTPA.  Parent Tested Parent Approved awards products approval after an in-depth review. Parents were invited into the PTPA facilities where they reviewed the MOD-t setup, operation, and overall user experience. This approval means the MOD-t is now recommended by North America’s largest parent testing community! To celebrate, we’re throwing a Twitter party! This Thursday, June 9 2016, you can join New Matter (@newmatter) and PTPA (@PTPA) on Twitter for a New Winners Tweet Chat. Ask us questions about the MOD-t, learn about…

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Product Update: Custom Settings in the New Matter Store

It’s one of our most requested features, and now it’s here! Today, we unveiled advanced, custom print settings in the New Matter Store. Now, you can adjust infill, supports, adhesion support, and more without using an outside slicer program. Of course, if you want to use an outside program, you can still upload custom .gcode files into the New Matter Desktop App. Our settings are now easier to access. You might remember this print window. You could access print settings by clicking the gear in the top corner. Now, settings are visible as soon as you select “Print” on the design…

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Introducing… New Matter Design Projects

We recently unveiled an exciting addition to the New Matter store: design projects! Using an assortment of hardware (conveniently listed in the PDF instructions) and our free designs, you can build exciting, dynamic creations. To start, we’ve released two of our favorite designs, the Dragster and the Ping Pong Ball Launcher. The Dragster is an awesome pull-back car that can often be found shooting across New Matter desks and the Ping Pong Ball Launcher is… exactly what you’d think it is. We brought both designs to CES in January. People loved our Dragster and the Launcher was a hit! (Pun intended.) Now, it’s time for you to start…

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Firmware Release Notes: Version 0.12.0

We’re releasing our newest firmware this week. It will be released to all of our users in waves. You will be prompted to update your firmware to version 0.12.0 when the firmware is available for your MOD-t . We ask that you update your firmware at that time. We’re excited about the improvements and changes that this firmware brings, some of which you’ll need to be aware of. Tray Skipping: We’ve made major improvements to reduce print skips. Print Speed and Quality: We significantly increased our print speed. You’ll notice improvements in the quality of your prints, too. Updated Homing: We…

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3D Viewer Update

Today, we released a new version of the New Matter Store 3D viewer. This is the screen you see when you upload your own file to the New Matter Store. It’s where you can change the orientation, color, and size of your model. (Note: The new viewer is compatible with Firefox and Chrome browsers.) This is what your 3D viewer used to look like: Now, your 3D viewer is much cleaner and easier to use. To upload a file, drag and drop an .STL or .OBJ into the rectangle shown below. (It’s outlined by the dashed line.) You can also add…

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Check Out the New Matter Learning Lab

This week, New Matter launched the New Matter Learning Lab, a brand new forum for educators using the MOD-t. It’s a collaborative space where teachers can share troubleshooting tips, lesson plans, and 3D printing success stories. We’ve structured the Learning Lab into a few helpful categories and we’re so excited to see the forum abuzz with discussion. Just be sure to follow our guidelines before exploring and posting! 3D Printing in the Classroom We want teachers to introduce and incorporate 3D printing into their curriculum smoothly, so we’ve created a category just for doing so! This is where you can share…

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Product Update: USB Mode

Today, we released USB Mode for the MOD-t. It’s an exciting new development in our Utility App (1.40) and we can’t wait for you to try it. If your MOD-t cannot connect to Wi-Fi, USB Mode allows you to connect your MOD-t to the Store through your computer. You might need to use USB Mode if your Wi-Fi is not compatible with the MOD-t or if you use hard-wired Ethernet to connect to the Internet. Examples of incompatible Wi-Fi networks are: 5GHz networks WPA Enterprise networks Networks with security settings that the MOD-t does not support When using USB Mode, a MOD-t without…

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Firmware Release Notes: Version 0.9.0

We’ve released a new version of our firmware. Update your MOD-t’s firmware to version 0.9.0 to enjoy these two new features and several improvements. Front Panel Flashing When you send a file to your MOD-t, the front LED will now start blinking rapidly right away. You can now push this fast-blinking button while your file is transferring to tell your MOD-t to automatically start printing once the file transfer is complete. You can also wait to push the button after the file transfer is complete. Both methods work, but of course remember to have the Print Tray and Cover in place.…

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