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How To: Format Your Own Models for the MOD-t

Printing your own designs using the MOD-t can be an exhilarating experience. Seeing something you’ve created appear layer by layer is very rewarding, but it’s only possible if your design’s size, angles, and orientation are compatible with the MOD-t. Here are some aspects of design that could greatly affect the overall “printability” of your work. 1) Size Part of what makes the MOD-t great for homes, schools, and businesses is its lightweight, compact size. Designers should take heed of this space-saving design when sizing their models. The overall MOD-t printing envelope is 150mm x 100mm x 125 mm. You can set your…

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Tips & Tricks: Build Plate Maintenance

One of the highest reported print issues is a surface adhesion failure. MOD-t surface plates last 30-50 prints, and proper build plate maintenance can help you maximize your plate’s lifespan and ensure your prints’ success. It’s easy to prevent adhesion failures and even easier to stop them once they’ve started. Just take care to maintain a healthy build plate through these three stages and you’ll notice an uptick in print success! Too Slick For Your Own Good After every print, take care to completely clean off your build plate. Slide the print surface plate off of the build tray and firmly bend the plate…

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